(Air date: November 13th 1978)

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While out in the woods, Lucan develops severe pneumonia. At the local hospital, he rambles about a crime he’d witnessed at the University and how he’s suspected of being the culprit. The real danger is his guilty doctor – The same man Lucan was trying to find to help clear his name. Lucan must remember the events of that night and prove his innocence. He finds help from a compassionate nurse.

My Verdict

I liked the intensity of this episode, and the use of Lucan’s fever dreams to create flashbacks. But this is where the show changes again because the writers attempted to add more intrigue to the series. Making Lucan a fugitive-on-the-run conflicts with the details of the Pilot episode.

We can assume the tragic event occurred when Lucan visited the University and Professor Hoagland at a later time. But that also conflicts with him trying to avoid Prentiss and being institutionalized by the University. Having Lucan witness a crime on campus is not a bad idea, but it seems like a ratings booster, a gimmicky plot device rather than a natural addition to Lucan’s story.