How Do You Run Forever?

(Air date: January 9th 1978)

Full Recap, pictures, and Verdict Coming Soon

In an emotionally charged episode, Lucan is at first skeptical of a couple claiming to be his parents. But after spending some family time with them and being nearly convinced, they’re chased away by gunmen from their past. Lucan faces huge betrayals by everyone he’d grown to love.

This episode introduces Prentiss, a Bounty Hunter hired by the University to hunt Lucan down and bring him back to be institutionalized.

My Verdict:

I thought this was the best episode of the series. Lucan runs the gamut of emotions and they’re fierce and believable. It’s a tearjerker and you feel angry and sad with him. I get irritated when the heroes get hunted down, so it was no surprise I didn’t like when the character I call “Relentless Prentiss” introduced. However, these characters tend to surprise as the shows progress. Prentiss is given a layered, empathetic personality by veteran TV actor, Don Gordon.