The Man Behind the Wolf

Actor Kevin Brophy was not your typical sleek and shiny hunk of the month. But the image of guys in the 1970’s were never as glossy and polished as today. Brophy was fit, athletic and tan, with thick, longish hair (A must-have in the 70’s!) and kind, doe eyes. He sported a slight uni-brow and an adorable snaggletoothed, thousand watt smile – He wasn’t the conventionally handsome Hollywood male, He was rugged, but had a gentle voice, which made him the perfect choice for the role of Lucan. Brophy had his admirers and was featured in many Teen Magazine articles.

Magazine clipping of Kevin

After starring in Lucan, his acting career petered out to supporting roles in many popular Television show episodes and movies. Look over his IMDB Page. He co-starred in two now Cult Classic films from the early eighties, Hell night and Time Walker

Lucan was a breakout role for Kevin Brophy, and his best. Fans fondly remember his performance as the sensitive character and identify with Lucan and the show’s resonant themes. 

Brophy imbued the character with sensitivity and humility. Lucan spoke proper English, revealing the fact that he’d been taught the language. Brophy characterized Lucan with a little shyness, perhaps borderline socially awkward, but Lucan was not naive and never afraid to confront his fears or call out wrongdoing. Lucan was a pure soul at heart. Having a kind and just mentor to train him for year helped shape his adult personality.

Lucan’s personality was undoubtedly due to his survival in the forest amongst wild animals for the first ten years of his life. He had no direct human contact, but he knew the dangers hunters posed.  His personality also betrays his past – a boy ripped from a wild existence into a cloistered University. For Ten more years, he’s surrounded by professors, doctors, and scientists. In both instances, Lucan was isolated from society.

Lucan often acts on instinct, which makes him bold and brave when he needs to be. Brophy added wolf-like idiosyncrasies to Lucan with his facial and body language, such as his hand motions in scenes where he was angry, sad, and afraid. And especially when being hunted or chased. Kevin Brophy claimed in a Teen Magazine interview that he most-likely performed 80% of his own stunts.  You’ll believe it when you watch the series and notice it’s definitely him tumbling, jumping, and climbing. Kevin Brophy had major talent, but he was severely over-looked by Hollywood.

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